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Former World’s Strongest Man Tries Sam Sulek’s Three-Exercise Chest Workout

Is the strongest guy on the planet able to compete with the newest bodybuilding craze on the internet? As he pushes himself to the limit in the 22-year-old online sensation’s three-exercise chest routine, former World’s Strongest Man Mitchell Hooper is attempting to find the answer to this very issue. Sam Sulek’s workout is very hard.

Former World’s Strongest Man Tries Sam Sulek’s Three-Exercise Chest Workout
Former World’s Strongest Man Tries Sam Sulek’s Three-Exercise Chest Workout

On his YouTube account, the Arnold Strongman champion uploaded a video of him exploring the regime. Hooper praised Sam Sulek for his incredible body and raw material before stating, “Sam Sulek has taken the fitness world by storm.” Later, he said that he would be imitating Sulek’s rigorous chest exercise regimen, beginning with the inclined bench press. Striking failure on each set was the plan.

There were three particular exercises throughout the session. The pec deck, the chest cable fly, and the inclined Smith machine bench press. Hooper began the film by performing five sets of the incline Smith machine bench press till failure, aiming for six to eight repetitions per set. “I completed 14 repetitions in the first set, then increased the weight.

Sam Sulek’s Intense Smith Machine Workout for Size and Strength

The strongman said, “We’ll see how it goes, but our goal is to hit failure around six reps.
The first set was difficult for the strongman, but he persevered.

It requires a lot of labor. There is nothing you can do with the Smith machine but press harder, he said. He proceeded to the next exercise after four tough sets, already beginning to feel fatigued. Using 365-pound plates, he completed seven repetitions of each exercise.

According to Hooper, Sulek likes the Smith machine’s regulated plane—which solely targets muscle tension—better than the free bench. The free bench press is superior for developing general strength, while the Smith machine is advised for individuals exercising for size.

Mitchell Hooper attempts a few bodybuilding poses

Although Hooper acknowledged that the pulley’s direction is more important than the weight itself, she said, “I don’t do these often, so I feel it in my biceps as much as in my chest.” The last exercise involved performing the pec deck exercise once, with a goal rep count of 12 to 15.

According to Hooper, “I find this movement uncomfortable.” And still, the strongman persevered, doing the strenuous exercise for his chest.
Upon the conclusion of the film, he proceeded to the posing area and tried out many bodybuilding positions. He groaned, straining to maintain a stiff position. “Posing is actually so tiring.

“Looking at his figure, he thought to himself, “I think I’m about thirty pounds off my body-building shape.” When is 290? May I go onstage?
Following his imitation of Sam Sulek’s chest exercise, the strongman acknowledged that he was both tired and pleased. What are your thoughts on Hooper’s current bodybuilding exercise regimen and his fascinating content?

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