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Are Athletic Greens Worth it?

Very well received samples for this article from Athletic Greens.

It has never been easy for me to eat healthily. I’ve always been a finicky eater; even when I became an adult, I continued to eat like a teenager and was dubbed the “queen of boxed mac and cheese” by my loved ones. Like most Americans, I’ve made progress in recent years, but I still don’t consume enough veggies or meals high in nutrients.1.

But as I get older, I’m determined to look after my body properly. Introducing Athletic Greens, a powdered nutritional supplement that offers “comprehensive nutrition and gut health in one simple scoop.”

AG1 (Athletic Greens)

The high nutritious content of Athletic Greens powder, often known as AG1, is what draws consumers in. The formula has more than one prebiotic, probiotics, and 75 vitamins and minerals. The complete ingredient list includes pea protein, spinach leaf powder, spirulina, and apple powder. Despite having a large ingredient list, the food is gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, paleo, and keto-friendly. Furthermore, it is free of preservatives, sweeteners, and artificial flavors.

The brand asserts its promises:

And AG1 delivers, according to TikTok. It has a vast and devoted following of people who swear by the advantages of the product, with 151.2 million views on #athleticgreens and a plethora of influencers endorsing it.

I thus made the decision to try AG1 myself when I got the chance to do so at work.

I have some very bad eating habits, so this product’s nutritional content really appealed to me. We was excited to find out if a product this basic might replace the minerals my regular diet is lacking. I was under the impression that the product name may be a substitute for veggies—it isn’t. Yet there were a few minor advantages.

How I Incorporated AG1 Into My Lifestyle

For a month, I ate Athletic Greens every day. I attempted to follow the brand’s recommendation and drink it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

While I occasionally drank it straight (powder and water), I usually added it to smoothies that already included banana and fruit juice to make them taste better.

It comes with a water bottle that indicates how much water has to be filled and a scoop for measuring the precise amount of powder you need.


incorporating @Athletic Greens nutritional drink into my morning routine #ag1partner 🌱 #nutritionaldrink #healthyliving #morningroutine

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All you have to do is shake and sip. I also received a set of five separate packets in my box, which I could use on the move or while traveling.

The fact that AG1 is so simple to create is just another fantastic feature. I was appreciative of that since it wasn’t difficult or a major distraction from my regular schedule.

I Felt More Energized and Strong Against Illness

Since I don’t drink coffee, I don’t get the morning caffeine rush that many others do. However, my morning attitude was lifted and I was able to maintain that enthusiasm throughout the day thanks to my regular AG1 drink.

I also saw the benefits AG1 claims to have on the immune system. Even though I traveled, spent time with sick people, and often get sick with a cold or other disease when the seasons change, I never felt unwell during the month.

I felt strong and well, so even though I can’t precisely link this to the product, I would say that I believe in the immune system boost.

I became particularly aware of the benefits when I traveled abroad in the middle of the trial. Although I had some travel packs with me, I didn’t consume as much throughout my trip. When I got home and resumed my normal schedule, I noticed a nice change in energy.

What Didn’t Work for Me

While consuming Athletic Greens had certain advantages, they weren’t revolutionary.

The brand claims to have improved intestinal health, but I didn’t notice the promised increases in energy or immunity.

Others claim to have had better digestion and felt less bloated, but I didn’t. Going ahead, I expected better benefits and more obvious results to justify the product’s pricing of $88 for a 30-day membership after delivery.

The flavor wasn’t to my liking either. It tastes really powerful and medicinal, with a hint of bitterness, which is actually what I was expecting.

After adding other ingredients to make a smoothie, it was much better, so I did it the majority of the time.

I’m happy I tried AG1 since I want to change my eating habits. Whether real or imagined, the knowledge that I was eating something nutritious each day helped to ease my guilt about some of the less-than-healthy foods I was putting in my body.

Athletic Greens Actually Worth it

Unfortunately, the results didn’t stand out as much as I had hoped.

I would want to see the outcomes of Athletic Greens that I read about on TikTok if I were to continue purchasing and utilizing it at its present pricing.

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