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Jeff Nippard Uses Science to Analyze Sam Sulek Training

Sam Sulek is the most well-known influencer in the fitness business, and people are often debating and talking about Sam Sulek training and diet plans. Powerlifter Jeff Nippard, well-known for his scientific approach to fitness, undertook a thorough analysis of Sulek’s routine on February 28, 2024.

Although Sam Sulek training intensity was commended, Nippard’s in-depth examination examined aspects of Sulek’s training techniques, including sets, range of motion, and volume.

Nippard analyzes the 460 sets that Sam Sulek has accomplished. Nippard carefully analyzes Sulek’s training, pointing out his strong points and suggesting places for improvement. Here’s how Nippard deconstructed the evaluation:

View the analysis in the following video:

Sulek receives a B overall from Nippard, despite the fact that he feels his technique needs work. Ego lifting, fake reps, and not using the entire range of motion are just a few of the problems Nippard brings out in his criticism of Sulek’s methodology.
Range of motion is crucial for establishing muscular hypertrophy, as Nippard emphasizes in research he collaborated on that was published in the Journal of Functional Morphology and Kinesiology. The significance of limiting negatives is emphasized in the study.

Given that Sulek manages his negatives when he is about to fail, Nippard gives Sulek a B+ in technique. Even when utilizing some momentum to move the weight, Sulek often maintains relatively good negative control, according to Nippard’s evaluation.

Yet there are also far too many instances of his allowing the burden to drop without any resistance; he received an A.
Nippard advises Sulek to deliberately work to regulate the resistance throughout the eccentric phase in order to retain control as he gets closer to failure, especially on that last repetition when muscle activation is at its maximum.

Program Structure

Sulek’s program structure receives a C+ from Nippard, who bemoans its seeming inconsistency. Nippard notices that Sulek modifies his training schedule on the fly.

According to Nippard, this strategy can cause training gains to quickly stagnate. To guarantee ongoing improvement, Nippard recommends employing progressive overload and careful program planning.

According to Nippard, studies published in The New England Journal of Medicine suggest that even in the absence of appropriate exercise planning, supraphysiological testosterone dosages can promote muscle development.

However, Nippard warns that this strategy is likely to lead to a plateau; therefore, he suggests implementing an organized plan.

Sulek’s training split gets a C+ from Nippard. Sulek uses a body component split technique called a “bro split,” where an athlete divides up their muscles into multiple training days.

Although a lot of IFBB Pro League bodybuilders utilize it, Nippard says this method concentrates too much on building upper body strength.
Nippard recommends a full-body, upper-lower, or push-pull-leg split. By avoiding squandering sets on only one area of the body, these methods offer more balanced training.

In accordance with Nippard’s findings, the maximum growth potential of a single muscle occurs between six and eight sets per session.

Sulek receives an A from Nippard for his commitment to training. Despite Nippard’s admiration for Sulek’s strict training schedule, he has concerns about Sulek’s habit of training to failure, which may prevent him from recovering adequately.

In a review of 460 workout sets, Nippard discovered that Sulek had pushed to failure in 440 of them.

Rep Ranges

Sulek receives an A from Nippard for his astute choice of rep ranges. Sulek works best when done in a moderate rep range of four to twelve, which encourages muscular development.

When training, Nippard usually chooses higher rep ranges than Sulek, citing 2020 research that shows utilizing a range of rep ranges is optimal for hypertrophic adaptations. (3)

Sustainability & Enjoyment

Surely Nippard commends Sulek for having a training dedication that he believes is unmatched among fitness celebrities. Certainly, Sulek receives an A++ from Nippard for sustainability and pleasure, citing these factors as essential to a program that works. Nippard gives Sulek’s training efficacy a B overall.

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