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Keratin Hair Treatment

“Keratin Hair Treatment” a chemical procedure called a keratin treatment makes frizzy hair shiny and silky.

Keratin Hair Treatment

Celebrity hairstylist Harry Josh, a Goldwell & KMS ambassador, says, “Some will straighten the hair completely, while others work to relax and loosen the curl shape.

Consider it a hair “topcoat,” suggests Chase Kusero, co-founder of IGK.

A keratin-based product is applied to the hair by stylists during a keratin hair treatment, and the product is sealed in using a flat iron.

Keratin Hair Treatment

This procedure can give damaged or frizzy hair a sleek, glossy appearance.

Keratin hair treatments are favored by those who claim that they reduce frizz and improve manageability.

But these products could also have some unintended consequences, such irritated eyes and scalp.

This article examines keratin hair treatments in more detail, covering its costs and advantages.

We also talk about the safety issues of using them.

What are keratin hair treatments?

Frizzy or damaged hair can be smoothed and straightened with a keratin hair treatment.

The body naturally manufactures the protein keratin. It aids in giving the nails, skin, and hair structure and strength.

Three primary regions make up hair fibers:

Medulla: Only larger or thicker hairs exhibit the medulla, which is found in the center of the hair fiber.
Cortex: The cortex is the primary structure of hair. In addition to having proteins, it offers mechanical support.
Cuticle: Keratinized cells that overlap like scales make up this thin protective outer layer.

What are Keratin hair treatment

Chemical linkages, including ionic, disulfide, and hydrogen bonds, enable keratin create a long helical chain within the cortex.

Additionally, reduced molecular attraction forces, It specialists refer to as van der Waals forces, can support the preservation of the a-helical keratin structure.

The majority of the cortex is made up of filaments, which are groups of these helical strands.

Keratin hair treatments contain chemicals that target and change the structure of keratin strands.

A hairdresser applies a keratin-based product to the hair during a keratin hair treatment, and then seals it in with a flat iron.

The way the chemicals permeate into the hair and change the keratin strands’ cross-linking depends on the thickness and length of the hair.

Chemicals, blow drying, and flat ironing work together to quicken the cross-linking process and straighten curly or wavy hair.

Care and maintenance

One should refrain from washing their hair for at least two days following a keratin hair treatment. They ought to stay away from:

  1. placing tight hairstyles on yourself
  2. Applying abrasive conditioners and shampoos
  3. letting chlorine or saltwater contact their hair
    To help extend the therapy, it’s also crucial to use shampoo and conditioner without sulfates. These products are commonly accessible in hair salons, internet, and beauty supply stores.

Too much hair washing can remove the keratin treatment, so people should refrain from doing so. Rather than using hot water to wash your hair, try to do so every three to four days. Using a leave-in conditioner can also aid in maintaining the hydration and protection of the hair.

Care and Maintenance

Use a heat protectant product before using any hot styling equipment, and use a lower heat setting while blow-drying to prevent damage to the hair.

Additionally, it’s best to wait as least two weeks after a keratin treatment before dyeing your hair.

This makes it possible to set the treatment time. This aids in shielding the hair from harm.

Keratin hair treatments can leave their effects for up to twelve weeks. But in order to keep straight, smooth hair, the effects will ultimately wear off and the person will need to repeat the treatment.

Benefits of keratin hair treatment

Professional or at-home keratin hair treatments offer the following advantages:

Hair appears shinier

Hair cuticles are smoothed by keratin hair treatments, which reduce frizz. Furthermore, a lot of people notice that their hair looks naturally lustrous and silky after the treatment.

Results can last a while

The effects of the therapy can continue for several months if the patient takes proper care of their hair, uses the right products, and does not wash it too frequently.

Hair becomes more manageable

Keratin hair treatments can help those with extremely thick or frizzy hair since they can reduce style time and make their hair more manageable. 

Additionally, some could notice that their hair dries faster following the treatment.

Consequently, less exposure to heat may enhance the health of hair.

Hair does not break as much

Since keratin is a structural protein, it can fortify hair and lessen breakage.

Some claim that because the ends of their hair are not breaking or splitting, treatments assist their hair grow faster.


The cost of keratin hair treatments is high. It may cost up to $400 or more, depending on the salon and the client’s hair. Additionally, they might have to purchase pricey specific hair products.

Furthermore, a few hours of time at the hair salon may be needed for the procedure.

Furthermore, the procedure might not be suitable for someone who wants to wash their hair every day.

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