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Muscle Man: Is Sam Sulek natural?

Bodybuilder Sam Sulek, who is just 21 years old, has one of the most remarkable physiques in the industry.

Muscle Man: Is Sam Sulek natural?
Muscle Man: Is Sam Sulek natural?

Many have wondered how he got to be so massive, and some have even suggested that drugs may have played a part. His muscular proportions are so incredible.

Is Sam Sulek natural?

The fitness guru, bodybuilder, and former gymnast and diver is said to have utilized drugs to get his size and physique.

Since he has admitted before that he follows the routines of old-school big hitters like Mike Mentzer, it is safe to say that he trains hard.

Is Sam Sulek natural?
Is Sam Sulek natural?

His eating habits, however, are different from the norm for bodybuilders.

He consumes up to 5,200 calories a day, according to a recent video log, and his diet is very unhealthy.
A protein shake, breakfast, Krispy Kreme doughnuts, Five Guys, chocolate milk, and four glasses of milk were among his meals and snacks.

Many have concluded that Sam is not natural because of his acne, shortness of breath, and less-than-ideal nutrition, which seem to be at odds with his body.

What has Sam Sulek said about steroids?

Despite several accounts detailing Sam’s steroid usage, he has chosen to keep quiet on the matter.

What has Sam Sulek said about steroids?
What has Sam Sulek said about steroids?

A professional bodybuilder named Greg Doucette called Sam’s eating plan “one of the worst diets” he’d ever seen.
Additionally, he deduced that the 21-year-old was probably using high doses of anabolic steroids because of Sam’s emaciation, height, facial changes, and acne, and that the young man was “not playing it safe.”.

Paris Demers, a fitness YouTuber, said in a video that Sam was using drugs to achieve his big stature, saying that his “partial reps” and “ego lifting” in the gym couldn’t account for it.

According to the doctor, “his diet was poorly planned and consisted mostly of processed and sugary foods.”

Many of the YouTuber’s viewers were vehemently against the stance and came to Sam’s support.

A person said, “It’s not uncommon for him to alternate between partial and full repeats until he hits a plateau, and then back to partials.”

Someone else added, “You obviously haven’t seen one of Sam’s videos if you think that guys just express what they think.”

Someone else said it best: “In Uncle Sam, we trust.”

On the other side, “While Sam was building his muscles, others were concerned that he wasn’t being careful enough.”

The commentator cautioned that “another death before age 27” was on the horizon unless he took additional precautions and slowed down. I wish him well. You are in terrible shape.

That youngster is taking fatal dosages of steroids, and the only reason he hasn’t shut down yet is pure luck, according to someone else.

How big is Sam Sulek?

The famous TikToker and YouTuber is five feet, four inches tall and was born in 2002.

He was a skinny gymnast and diver in high school, but when he graduated, he went through an unbelievable change, becoming a jacked physique.

How big is Sam Sulek?
How big is Sam Sulek?

Following a year of diving competitions for Miami University in Ohio, the 21-year-old refocused his efforts in 2018 on his quest of pool glory.

“By that point, I’ll have been lifting for three years,” he said on the Real Bodybuilding Podcast.

“Instead of trying to master two things at once, which is an impossible task, I’d rather focus on what I like.”
He began recording his bodybuilding exploits on TikTok in July 2022 and YouTube in January 2023.

At his current weight of 240 pounds, the bodybuilder is a monster.

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