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Sam Sulek Legs Workout

“Sam Sulek Legs workout” with his physique is that of an experienced body builder, despite his young age of 21.

With over 2 million subscribers, American fitness influencer Sam Sulek shares his daily training regimen on YouTube and TikTok.

Sam Sulek Legs Workout
Sam Sulek Legs Workout

Additionally, he is well-known for his chocolate shakes and high-carb diet. Following his workout, he ate a hamburger.

Delaware, a megacity in the American state of Ohio, is where Sam Sulek was born on February 7, 2002. He’s twenty-one years old, 180 cm, and 108 kg. Sam has two family groups: an older one and a younger one. His wheel sign is Aquarius.

Sam Sulek Famous Legs Workout

Lying Hamstring curls

Lying hamstring curls is his first move.

Lying Hamstring curls
Now Lying Hamstring curls

He made three sets of attempts at this. even finish the set with a few incomplete repetitions for an improved pump.

Stiff Leg Cable Deadlift

The next exercise is the stiff leg deadlift, or RDL. He uses some big ass weights for two sets of twelve repetitions for this exercise.

Single-leg extension

To prepare his quadriceps for the next squat exercise, he will perform a single leg extension exercise for two sets of 12 to 15 repetitions. His pump increases from this workout, making the squats more difficult.


Then, the sulek legs workouts switches to two sets of squats. He throws some serious weight at failure in both sets.


He squats by placing his foot on a plate so that his heels come into contact. Use a spotter if you can, because it’s an extremely difficult task.

Legs extension

Afterwards, he does a single set of leg extensions till failure. He can’t stand up straight after this set and stop using his legs.

Does Sam Sulek compete as a bodybuilder?

Sam doesn’t currently compete in bodybuilding contests as of early 2024, but he has the genetics, build, and work ethic to win events like the Olympia. For now, it appears that his main goal is to keep gaining weight throughout the offseason.


Indulging in chocolate shakes and a high-carb diet, Sam Sulek is a known hamburger eater after workouts. He’s 21 and an Aquarius, born in 2002 in Delaware, Ohio, and at 180 cm tall, he now weighs 108 kg.

An example of his strict leg workout program includes exercises such as lying hamstring curls, cable deadlifts, single leg extensions, squats, and leg presses until the muscles are unable to continue. This perfectly illustrates his commitment to pushing the boundaries of fitness.

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