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Sam Sulek Quotes Gym Advice and Motivation

Sam Sulek says about the gym:

  • “A workout that doesn’t occur is the only awful one.”
  • “Your abilities don’t give you strength. It’s what happens when you overcome challenges you thought were impossible.”
  • Set high goals for yourself and persevere until you accomplish them.”
  • “Ignore the number of days. Make the most of each day.”
  • “You are the only one who can push yourself since no one else would.”
  • “You are the only person who can restrict you.”
  • “Get enamored with caring for your physique.”
  • “Being outstanding isn’t the only factor in success. It all comes down to regularity. Success comes from persistent hard work. Greatness is on the way.”
  • “Your strength tomorrow will come from the anguish you endure now.”
  • “Having time is not the issue. A key is to set a side time.

“It is advisable for you to invest more time and energy in learning how to solve problems on your own, instead of relying on outside assistance.”

“You should absolutely be doing cardiovascular exercise. You’re not here to just exist in your basic form. You’re not only supposed to work at your desk for eight hours a day or sit down and play Fortnite. You’re not supposed to only sit. It is intended for you to be mobile.

“Acquire an excessive amount of water and electrolytes.”

If he lifts weights with half the intensity of someone who walks into the gym and says, “Okay, I’m going to go on leg press until I throw up,” he won’t become any bigger.

“Your level of intensity on the lift will always be more important than the flawless workout.”

“I don’t want to walk out of the gym thinking, ‘Oh my goodness, that was a really awkward lift.'”

“Let me tell you, even if I’m ill, exhausted, or anything, if you work hard at the gym, you should be able to leave feeling quite good.”

“Instead of limiting my effort during the lifts and not knowing whether or not I’ll succeed, I’d rather go so hard that I occasionally get wounded Not that I truly pushed it.”

“If you work hard, you will succeed.”

“The tiniest lifter of ego is far smaller than the greatest lifter of science.”

Drink Electrolytes Every Day

“Electrolyte balance may have a big influence on your state of alertness and hydration.” My lift will suffer if I don’t have a significant quantity of water together with electrolytes, if I don’t have a lot of that in my system, either in the form of powdered electrolytes or specialized electrolyte packs.”

“I’ll have one of these, a liter or a liter and a half, ready next to my bed as soon as I wake up in the morning.”

“The degree of hydration you maintain throughout cutting—I’m not just referring to water; I’m also referring to electrolytes and water—will definitely impact how effectively the lift functions.

I wouldn’t necessarily have a poor lift if I came in here having had about 500 calories so far today. In a dieting setting, my lift will be adversely affected if I am dehydrated, haven’t had any electrolytes, and may have had little sleep.”

“Hydration effectiveness diminishes when your fluid intake is solely comprised of water.”

“I simply slam packets of electrolyte.”

“I usually recommend that you train your upper chest a lot. No one is genuinely deficient in the lower chest. However, no one has a strong upper chest. For this reason, I constantly incline when performing any strong pressing actions.”

“I want to begin a muscle group or lift with a weight that limits my reps to eight to twelve.” That corresponds to the “heavy” part of the exercise regimen. My goal is to perform lighter sets after exhausting the muscles during a workout and after I have performed more sets.”

Train Like Sam Sulek

“In my opinion, a successful chest day starts with heavier compounds, like hard pressing, and works its way up to gentler squeezing motions.”

A kitchen cabinet stocked with pre-workout supplements, vitamins, creatine, beta-alanine, amino acids, and protein powder is a must for any serious lifter. These actions have a purpose; they are not merely litterers’ conventional behaviors. Why not make an effort to optimize every performance-enhancing vector you’re willing to undertake?

“I would advise beginning lifters to follow a rather rigid regimen in order to have some training experience and become familiar with the feel of various motions. Before you can polish, shine, and flaunt, you must first build up that frame.”

“If you’re not big, don’t get shred.”

“For cardio exercise, every household should own a treadmill or exercise bike.”

“Tracking your caloric intake is something you should do immediately, if you haven’t already.”

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