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Sam Sulek Workout and Diet Advice Ranked BEST TO WORST

If you want to gain muscle, is it worthwhile to heed Sam Sulek’s advice on training and nutrition? In this video, I will analyze Sam Sulek’s advice and rate it according to how relevant it is to the viewers. You may see how things rank for both Sam and yourself to get a better idea of what might work.

Sam Sulek Workout and Diet Advice Ranked (BEST TO WORST)
Sam Sulek Workout and Diet Advice Ranked (BEST TO WORST)

While I want to maintain an upbeat tone on this channel, I will add that there is a standard by which Sam’s comments must be evaluated in relation to the broader public.

Sam Sulek Workout and Diet Advice Ranked (BEST TO WORST)
Sam Sulek Workout and Diet Advice Ranked (BEST TO WORST)

Some of Sam Sulek’s tips may only be applicable to him and not to the viewers; others may be more suited to more experienced lifters; and still others may be useful for everyone training, regardless of their degree of expertise.


When it comes to athlete training, functional training is invaluable.

Sports moves that involve several muscular groups shouldn’t be disregarded just because Sam prefers to work on individual muscle groups.


Sam Sulek uses straps to ensure that his grip isn’t an issue as he builds muscle.

Most trainees, in my opinion, would benefit from working on their grip strength first so that it transfers to other exercises like the deadlift.

Even if Sam finds success with my favorite face pulls, there is an optimal method to execute them, particularly when they are used as a corrective exercise.

In order to prepare his knees for quad training, Sam says to work on his hamstrings first. Although this strategy could be effective for others, it seems to be tailored specifically to Sam.

I disagree with Sam’s method, but I do agree that you must be in a calorie deficit to shed pounds and burn fat. While Sam may find success with a free-form diet, others may not.


I would recommend reverse pyramids to more experienced lifters than to those just starting out. Although this method will undoubtedly aid in your quest to gain strength and muscle, I have found that novices are best served by sticking to regular straight sets.

When you want to lengthen your set and gain muscle, partial reps are a great choice. If you are unable to complete a set using the whole range of motion, you might consider using partial repetitions to prolong the set.


For those just starting out, following an organised strategy is more beneficial than just going with your gut.

The focus instead will be on advanced lifters as we investigate the most effective sets and routines right now. Sam often decides that a workout isn’t making him feel well and moves on, although he may continue with the one that makes him feel the greatest.


Sam claims that if you put in the necessary energy to grow muscle, it doesn’t matter what split you follow. If you want to bulk up like Sam Sulek, there is no secret formula for the ideal workout regimen.

The fact that you don’t need to complete an excessive number of sets in order to gain muscle is another pearl of knowledge that Sam spreads.

You may really see results from as little as one or two sets of maximal effort, as I have shown on my channel.

Sam just so happens to agree that exercise intensity is crucial. You will succeed so long as you put in the necessary effort. Everyone who lifts, regardless of skill level, has to know this.

Sam says that you should gradually increase the intensity as you go along. You will stall out and achieve a plateau in your gains if you do the same thing in every session, whether that’s the intensity or the weight you use.

You will maintain your muscle-building progress so long as you workout harder.

One of my favorite back workouts is the 1-arm Lat pulldown, which I rated highly in my video. This is a fantastic exercise that everyone can perform and get results from.

While I agree with Sam that a calorie surplus is necessary for size increase during bulking, as is well known, I will never support a filthy bulk. According to Sam, you should watch how much fat you gain while doing this, and I couldn’t agree more.

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