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Sam Sulek Workout Plan

Sam sulek workout does a four-day split regimen that alternates every other day between working out his calves and chest (including shoulders), back, legs, and arms. He doesn’t take any days off.
Why are there no days of rest? He thinks that the muscle group will be completely healed and rejuvenated by the time he’s ready to work it again, ready for the following training session.

Sam Sulek Workout Plan
Sam Sulek Workout Plan

The goal of Sam Sulek’s workout is to perform each set to the point of near failure or failure, lengthening the session with additional partial moves.

It involves working out every body part once a week, stressing the muscles to the point where you are nearly immobile afterward. Spreadsheet for Sam Sulek’s Workout.

Bench Press using an inline barbell8–12 repetition range, or till failureWarm-up sets (2 sets) + 4–8 sets until failure
Press-to-Chest8–12 repetition range, or till failureTwo attempts until failure
Deck Pec12–15 repetition range, or till failureTwo-drop set till it breaks
Flying Dumbbell ReverseRange of 12–15 repetitions with partials (till failure)Two sets until it breaks
Raises LateralRange of 15-20 repetitions with partials (until failure)Eight sets until the end
Flying CablesThe As Many Reps As Possible program11 iterations until failure
Sam Sulek’s Chest Workout
Sam Sulek’s Chest Workout
Straight-Bar Triceps Extension/PushdownTwo iterations until failure12-15 reps (till failure)
The Overhead Press TricepThree heavy sets that end in failurePerform 12–15 partial repetitions until failure.
Extensions for Cross-Cable TricepsThree unsuccessful setsRepeat steps 12–15 with partials until failure.
Climbing DumbbellsThree difficult sets that end in failure8–12 repetitions until failure
Bicep Curl in ChairThree unsuccessful sets8–12 repetitions (squeeze till you fail)
The Easy Barbell CurlThree failure sets8–12 repetitions (squeeze till you fail)
Preacher Curl using DumbbellsThree unsuccessful sets8–12 repetitions (squeeze till you fail)
Broad Grip Rowsthree substantial sets8–12 repetitions using partials (until failure)
Pulldowns with latsthree substantial sets8–12 repetitions using partials (until failure)
One-Arm Row Devicethree substantial sets8–12 repetitions using partials (until failure)
Rows of T Barstwo sets10 partial repetitions (till failure)
Cable Rows with a Single Arm Standingtwo sets10–12 partial reps until failure
Cable Pullover with One Armtwo sets10–12 partial reps until failure
Pull Down/Row Variant ExerciseOne pair8-10 reps (till failure)
Sam Sulek’s Back Workout
Sam Sulek’s Back Workout
Leg Hamstrang Curl While SeatedOne warm-up and eight work setswarm-up reps: 15–30. 12–15 repetitions for half-working sets
Positioning the Hamstring CurlEight Pairs8–12 rep range, partially loaded (till failure)
RDLs for cablethree substantial sets8–12 repetition range using partials (till failure)
Heeled Narrow-Stance Elevated Barbell SquatFour iterations until failure8–12 repetitions (till failure)
Extensions of the Quad (Legs)Ten attempts until failure8–15 repetitions, or until failure

Sam Sulek’s exercise regimen consists of going to the gym four days a week in rotation. He believes that while working out one muscle group, the others are healing.

His accelerated recuperation, made possible by performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs), allows him to endure this daily grind.

Sam finds it really effective, but it’s important to keep in mind that what works for him might not work for everyone. Always pay attention to what your body is capable of.

Nevertheless, because Sam Sulek places a strong emphasis on warm-ups and training intensity—where you push into muscular failure with half reps—his workout regimen is well-designed if you want to gain a substantial mass of muscle, especially in the legs.

If you follow the program, your body may begin to change in some remarkable ways, approaching Sam Sulek’s physical attributes!

What To Expect From Sam’s Workout Program
What To Expect From Sam’s Workout Program

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His walking is a fine line between being unorthodox and daring when it comes to his diet, which makes it both unique and fascinating.

Sam builds a healthy foundation for himself in the morning by drinking chocolate milk. He then immediately eats a bowl of cereal high in carbohydrates and sugar before working out to get that crucial energy boost.

He fills with a protein shake after working out hard, which is essential for healing and growth.

Sam then goes to Five Guys for his fourth lunch, which draws criticism but satisfies his need for protein and calories.

Sam Sulek’s Questionable Diet
Sam Sulek’s Questionable Diet

The end? A luxurious finish to a day of contrasting diets: a rich serving of milk and a hedonistic dive into Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

Even though Sam Sulek might benefit from this strategy, it raises more questions about how to balance immediate fitness with other goals related to long-term health.

It may provide the short-term energy needs for vigorous exercise, but it is far from sustainable or healthful.

Sam Sulek’s Questionable Diet
Sam Sulek’s Questionable Diet

Sam’s diet lacks the variety of nutrients required for the best possible bodily function and healing, which could put him at risk for health problems.

It’s a typical example of short-term gain at the expense of long-term health, highlighting the need for a more nutritionally balanced approach.

Many people who attend to the gym, especially those who prioritize muscle building like Sam Sulek, choose Planet Fitness.

Sam Sulek typically spends one to two hours working out a certain muscle area. Sam usually does an hour-long quad workout because of the number of sets he performs.

It should take three hours if you add on his hamstring exercise.

Certainly for thorough chest development, it comes with an inclined Smith Machine Press, a cable chest fly, and a pec deck.

There are important health consequences to take into account while analyzing the ingredients of Sam Sulek’s exercise, which include 30g creatine, 50g dextrose, and notably, 75g Advil (ibuprofen).

His diversified diet and high-volume workout regimen might be a big help to you on your fitness path.

Certainly, Sam, despite his increasing reputation, is modest and committed to continuing to improve his physical appearance, unlike many high-profile influencers with large egos. His academics at the university are balanced with his fitness endeavors. Even at the age of 22, his remarkable physical growth and genetic potential indicate even greater advances to come as he gets older.

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