Sam Sulek’s Arm Day Workout
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Sam Sulek’s Arm Day Workout

Sam Sulek goes to the gym for his arm day training following his third lunch. He intends to target his triceps after his biceps.

Sam Sulek’s Arm Day Workout
Sam Sulek’s Arm Day Workout

He has a pre-workout shake consisting of various nutrients and zero-calorie lemonade before beginning. Sulek works out eight sets of triceps exercises and eight sets of biceps exercises at the gym.

As a final exercise of the day, he does one move to work his legs and another to target his forearms. Here’s a breakdown of his training.

Sam Sulek’s Arm Day Workout
Sam Sulek’s Arm Day Workout

Cable Triceps Pushdowns

A great isolation exercise to tone the back of your arms is the cable triceps pushdown. Sam Sulek does this move bilaterally with a straight bar attachment.

He next performs two sets of the unilateral variant using a D handle for each arm.

Seated Machine Tricep Dips

The tricep dip on a sitting machine is a great way to tone your back arms. For the best upper body strength, you may determine how much weight to push, and it targets the triceps. Prior to moving on to the next exercise, Sam Sulek performs several sets of this one.

Alternating Dumbbell Curls

Dumbbell curls that alternate focus on your biceps. This exercise can be performed sitting or standing.

Alternating Dumbbell Curls
Alternating Dumbbell Curls

While sitting requires the biceps to fully curl the weight, standing will provide you with greater support from your legs and core to lift heavier loads. After warming up, Sam Sulek chooses to perform the standing version.

Incline Seated Cable Curls

Curls with an inclined seat primarily work and develop the biceps. By eliminating the need for stability, the use of a cable machine for this workout frees up your time to concentrate on developing your biceps.

Your forearms will also benefit from this exercise. Sam Sulek does the unilateral incline sitting cable curl. To address his imbalance in strength, he begins by working on his weaker arm.

Preacher Curls & EZ Bar Curls

Sam Sulek does preacher curls with a halfway stop and squeeze after some alternating dumbbell curls.

Since the preacher bench was now occupied, he took this action. He performs a drop set of preacher curls when the bench opens up, followed by a few standing EZ bar curl repetitions. An solo workout that works your biceps is the preacher curl.

It helps improve your double-front biceps position by focusing on the inner head of the biceps. Your brachialis and forearm flexors are also worked during this workout.

Cable Curls

The main muscles that cable curls target and strengthen are your biceps. Still, this exercise works your forearms and brachialis.

sam sulek with Cable Curls
sam sulek with Cable Curls

Sam Sulek finishes off his arm day with a few sets of cable curls. But before moving on to the next exercise, he strikes a posture to flaunt his pump.

Dumbbell Wrist Curls

A wrist and forearm exercise that works both of these muscles is the dumbbell wrist curl. As demonstrated in this study, when used for rehabilitation, they strengthen the wrists by training an area of the body that is frequently neglected (2).

It’s a fantastic method to strengthen your grasp as well. Before moving to an overhand grip to do the dumbbell wrist curl off his knee, Sam Sulek performs it off the edge of the bench using an underhand grip.

Unilateral Seated Machine Calf Raises

One of the finest ways to strengthen your calves is with seated machine calf raises. It goes after your Achilles tendon, soleus, and gastrocnemius muscles.

Additionally, this action improves your overall stability. One leg at a time, Sam Sulek performs a unilateral sitting machine calf raise to complete his workout.

Wrap Up

There you have it, then! Sam Sulek’s arm day regimen and cutting diet. It might not be a conventional bodybuilding plan, but it appears to be effective nonetheless.

sam sulek Wrap Up
sam sulek Wrap Up

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Single hand Overhead triceps extension


Sam Sulek arm day routine is a comprehensive blend of exercises targeting biceps, triceps, forearms, and even includes a nod to leg training.

His approach incorporates a mix of isolation and compound movements, emphasizing the development of strength and muscle symmetry.

With exercises like cable triceps pushdowns, seated machine tricep dips, alternating dumbbell curls, and unilateral seated machine calf raises, Sulek ensures a balanced workout that engages various muscle groups. Strength imbalances can be corrected with the use of machines, dumbbells, and cables, which allow for the independent training of both arms.

The fact that he included workouts like dumbbell wrist curls in his routine emphasizes how crucial forearm conditioning and grip strength are. Overall, although though Sulek’s approach is unconventional, it shows a careful balance between targeted arm training and total body conditioning, which makes it a useful tactic for anyone trying to increase their strength and muscular endurance.

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