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Sam Sulek’s Chest Workout

Here at Sam Sulek Chest Workout, we get deep into the particulars of the exercise regimen and the athlete’s approach.
In the fitness sector these days, Sam Sulek is starting to become well-known due to his youthful appearance and very well-developed physique.

Sam Sulek’s Chest Workout
Sam Sulek’s Chest Workout

Although he is enrolled full-time in college, he appears to be in his early 20s and could be competing on the Mr. Olympia stage.

Just over two weeks into his winter bulk, he still finds time to provide entertaining content for his audience, and his most recent offering featured an insane chest workout.

Sam Sulek Height and Weight

WeightHeightDate Of Birth
240 lbs5’11″2/7/2002
None yet2020sAmerican 

Sam Sulek’s Chest Day

Sam Sulek has received training that is truly exceptional.

He trains with the same hard and intensive methodology as Mike Mentzer and Dorian Yates, which may explain why he has gained so much muscle growth so quickly. Let’s examine his most recent chest day.

Sam Sulek’s Chest Day
Sam Sulek’s Chest Day

Workout: Chest

Warm Up

Sam warms up gently before starting the chest day. He performs a variety of workouts with a cable machine to increase blood flow to his chest, triceps, delts, and back.

Many people are unaware of the fact that getting blood into the back muscles before applying pressure is actually quite advantageous; pull-ups, lat pulldowns, or even light rows can be employed in this regard.

Sam Sulek Warm Up
Sam Sulek: Warm Up

Incline Smith Machine Press

The incline Smith Machine press is the first exercise in Sam Sulek’s workout chest training regimen. If overhead motions bother your shoulders, try bodyweight rows with a TRX strap or gymnastic rings attached to the bar.

Incline Smith Machine Press
Incline Smith Machine Press

Sam said that he enjoys the Smith because it is simple to re-rack and allows him to reach muscle failure without fear of self-crushing.

Sam uses the Smith Machine press to warm up before working his way up to three 45-pound plates and one 25-pound plate per side for a top set of 8.5 repetitions (he failed on the final rep). He performs deliberate, slow repetitions.

Sam then drops it to three plates after that per side, pushing it to the limit and even adding a couple of incomplete reps.

Cable Press

Sam’s next activity during his chest day is cable presses. Instead of doing a fly movement, he takes the cables and presses while standing in the cable stack.

Cable Press With Sam Sulek
Cable Press With Sam Sulek

Sam stoops to put his face parallel to the floor and performs high-volume cable presses, really straining his chest and pushing the sets to the limit of his muscles.

Sam believes he has sufficiently worked out his chest to go on to his delt work without doing any more chest exercises.

Pump Check

Sam Sulek blesses the audience with a required pump check before moving on to delts. When he takes off his shirt, his enormous and still very shredded figure drops to the floor, even to his own amazement.

It’s time to hit side delts from there.

Seated Lateral Raise Machine

Sam performs some side lateral lifts on the sitting machine after giving a brief speech to the audience about the need for people to stop following prefabricated fitness regimens and instead experiment with their own bodies and diets to determine what suits them.

Seated Lateral Raise Machine
Seated Lateral Raise Machine

He only completes this exercise until it fails in order to strengthen his side delts before hitting a pump check once more.


After performing some leg press and calf lifts, Sam concluded his workout and headed off.

Quick Workouts

It is possible that you are of the opinion that Sam Sulek’s workouts are brief and lack variety in terms of activities.

This is not evidence that PEDs are doing all the work, despite the claims of many that they are. As previously said, Sam emulates the workout routines of Dorian Yates and Mike Mentzer, who were renowned for having some of the most gigantic physiques on stage during their respective historical eras and hitting short but hard workouts.

This is because they would quickly and severely abuse their muscles, ensuring that they had nothing left in them when they left the gym, and then fuel their bodies with sufficient food to allow their muscles to heal and regrow as much larger, stronger plants.

Sam Sulek works his chest and delts with this method, which is demonstrated. Sam completely destroys the intended muscle and then loads up on calories.

Dumbbell Squeeze Press

This is a variation on the dumbbell bench press where you start with a neutral grip and work your way up to squeezing the dumbbells together over your chest.

Dumbbell Squeeze Press
Dumbbell Squeeze Press

While performing eccentrics, Dauda maintained his elbows close to his sides and engaged his biceps, pausing at the peak of each movement.

Workout: Lateral Delts

Seated Machine Lateral Raises110 to 12

The Benefits of Training Your Chest Muscles

It would be difficult to neglect your chest because it is a sizable muscular region. However, it’s crucial to remember these advantages of chest exercise: In addition to the obvious advantages of better fitting shirts and looking good without one, having a well-developed chest will help improve your posture (just remember to balance your chest day with back training, too).

Additionally, you’ll be more powerful whenever you need to swing or push with your arms.

Although Sam has not participated in any bodybuilding competitions as of early 2024, he undoubtedly possesses the genetics, physique, and work ethic necessary to excel at events like the Olympia. For the time being, he appears intent on gaining more bulk during the offseason.

In conclusion, Sam Sulek’s chest workout regimen exemplifies the power of intensity and focus in achieving substantial muscle growth. By adopting a training approach reminiscent of bodybuilding legends like Mike Mentzer and Dorian Yates, Sam maximizes muscle stimulation through deliberate, slow movements and pushing exercises to failure.

His emphasis on high-volume sets, coupled with a personalized approach to fitness, challenges conventional routines and encourages experimentation with one’s own body and diet.

Despite the brevity of his workouts, Sam’s commitment to exhausting each muscle group ensures optimal muscle breakdown for subsequent growth. Through his dedication to intensity and proper nutrition, Sam Sulek embodies a philosophy of maximizing results through targeted, efficient training methods.

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