The Beginner’s Guide to the Hip Thrust Machine
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The Beginner’s Guide to the Hip Thrust Machine

The hip thrust machine is a highly reliable approach for enhancing the strength of your gluteal muscles. The gluteal muscles, sometimes referred to as the glutes, are the muscles that support your body when you sit for extended periods of time, particularly if you work in an office environment.

The Beginner’s Guide to the Hip Thrust Machine
The Beginner’s Guide to the Hip Thrust Machine

Furthermore, when you are in a seated position, your body is not engaging in any physical activity.
However, when you are not in a seated position, your gluteal muscles have a significant impact on your movement. The muscles in your legs provide the necessary force, propulsion, and stability for all types of movements, such as walking, jogging, crouching, and climbing stairs. Therefore, it is strongly advised to include a glute workout in your fitness regimen.

One of the most popular gluteal muscle exercises due to its adaptability and demonstrated ability to motivate positive outcomes is hip thrusts. The hip thrust machine facilitates the achievement of optimal form and enables the addition of higher levels of resistance, rendering it the most effective method for isolating the gluteal muscles and maximizing muscular development while ensuring safety and stability.

Set Up the Machine
Set Up the Machine

Hip thrusts can be executed in three different ways: without any equipment, using a bench and barbell, or utilizing a hip thrust machine. Nevertheless, doing a hip thrust with a barbell necessitates a greater level of expertise and technique to execute accurately.

How to Set Up the Machine

The sole modification required for machine setup is the selection of the weight. The machines in our exercise center are specifically the Body Kore hip thrust ones. Their capacity allows for weights of up to 360 pounds, with a maximum of 180 pounds per side.

However, a weight of 350 pounds is excessive for someone who is just starting out. For the majority of individuals, the muscles in our lower body are the most robust and forceful muscle groups. Excessive exertion may be alluring when exercising our lower limbs.

If you are completely inexperienced, it is advisable to perform a few repetitions on the machine without including any additional resistance in order to familiarize yourself with it. For individuals with greater proficiency in the gym, it is advisable to begin with fewer weights and prioritize proper technique. An effective guideline is to begin with approximately 50% of your body weight and gradually increase the load.

After determining the appropriate weight for your needs, just place weight plates onto the bars located on both sides of the machine. Ensure that the weight on both sides is evenly distributed to avoid any harm to yourself or potential damage to the equipment.

Using the Machine

First things first, lay down on the back pad and fasten the waistband. The buckle belt that comes with Body Kore machines is strong and can be readily adjusted. Other pieces of machinery use buckles. While you want the band snug around your waist, it shouldn’t be stifling.

Afterwards, set your footing. Your feet should be slightly apart and spaced at shoulder length. Your height dictates how high or low you should put your feet on the platform.

When your feet are in the right places, lock out the top position by pushing up with your hips. This will provide room for you to release the two safety levers that are on either side. You are now prepared to perform your first rep.
Return to the starting position by bringing your hips down. Ensure that the machine’s base doesn’t touch the floor while you dive as low as possible. Keep your legs tight all the way through the workout. To maintain proper form, brace your core the whole time.
Raise your hips toward the ceiling while starting in the starting posture. To maximize the benefits of this exercise, the upward action should be rapid and explosive. Once your legs are parallel to your back and your knees form a near-right angle, you should come to a complete stop.
Take caution not to push yourself too hard when the exercise comes to a close! When you lift your hips too high, you risk injuring the muscles in your lower back and spine. Thankfully, with the right configuration, hip thrust machines prevent overextension, but to exercise properly, you should always aim for complete extension. Keep your balance and movement under control constantly.

Return your hips to their original position from the stretched posture by lowering them slowly. Maintain a steady and gradual pace during this portion of the movement, and don’t let your legs and core wander. After every exercise, take a brief break at the bottom range if you’re using your maximum weight. Do this motion again and again until you’ve completed your set number of repetitions.

After you’re done, lock the machine by bringing the handles back toward you while it’s extended. The next step is to slowly bring your hips down until the machine’s base meets the locking bar. Get ready to go to the next level of your training by releasing the straps around your waist!

What’s a Good Workout?

Every leg workout routine needs hip thrust movements. While several exercises target the glutes, the hip thrust machine is unparalleled in its ability to isolate those muscles. Complete your leg workout by directing your attention to your calves and quads for the remainder of your regimen.


  • Three minutes of assault biking
  • Mini-Lateral Band Walk, 2 sets of 40 yards each
  • Two forty-yard mini-monster walks
  • Two-by-twelve-foot cross-over


  • Hip thrust (A1)
  • Do two sets of 10 to 12 repetitions to warm up.
  • Complete three sets of eight exercises.
  • Performing three sets of twenty walking lunges (B1)
  • A light-weight lower-body superset (C1)
  • Perform three sets of fifteen leg curls
  • do three sets of fifteen reps of leg extensions.
  • Division 1: Lower Body Conditioning (weight-free)
  • Lift the sled three times.

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